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Mission & Vision

DEEP Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 professional arts organization with a mission to offer high quality, cultural experiences that entertain while fostering enrichment, communication, positive values and an awareness of literature, social and historical issues to as broad and diverse an audience as possible.

DEEP Arts programming is focused on: the development and presentation of new theatre works; the presentation of contemporary theatrical works and arts education outreach activities focused on literary, social and historical issues for general and educational audiences; the presentation of theatrical works that are based on classic literature reframed to connect with contemporary issues for young audiences meant to be delivered through partnerships with theatres and educational institutions; and artist workshops, audience interactive activities, and educational institution support activities and materials that align with Common Core and State Learning Standards integral to DEEP Arts’ programming.

Mindful that the world’s technology, social norms and populations are expanding, intertwining and engaging at a faster and faster rate, DEEP Arts is currently engaged in developing new innovative work that reflects a more expansive and collaborative creative expression of its mission, and has reached out to forge new partnerships representing the performing arts, multiple art media and community organizations to inform the direction of a new generation of multidisciplinary arts projects.